Collection: Necklaces

Shop our selection of handcrafted demi fine jewellery and metal wearables including made to order neckdrips, chokers, hasli necklaces, pendants & charms in our signature Sun Gold and Moon Silver. All products are made from handmade wax carved designs from Mitalee.

Bestsellers include the Apotropaic Neckdrip, Clairvoyance Multiway Chain, Palisade Choker and chokers with Moonstones or Amethysts, Visionary Mix Metal Neckdrip & Passional Chokers. Batoki also offers a range of necklaces with charms and pendants.


She is, the creator. Her intuition, a product of evolution. Hers, is the nature to nurture. Inspired by the main elemental energies of the woman, Batoki’s second collection draws from her body. Depicting the power it holds in its physical, transcending into the metaphysical.

Yoni: The Creator; Bosom: The Nurturer; Eye: The Visionary 

All flesh. All blood. All emotion and memory. Making these the visual cues, Batoki latest collection gives you the power to speak loud, but softly.