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Apotropaic Neckdrip

Apotropaic Neckdrip

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Statement Hasli Necklace with Gemstone Pendant

Apotropaic /Apo-tro-pay-ic/
This object of desire becomes your goodluck charm as it protects and amplifies the miracle within🌀

These one-of-a-kind, made to order, crystal beauties come dipped in silver and gold, offering a selection of Batoki's signature Sun Gold & Moon Silver tone.

Designed in the style of a hasli necklace the pendant for your Apotropaic Neckdrip is made with a large semi-precious gemstone, with the metal moulded to fit the shape of the stone. You can pick from a selection of stones including Tiger Eye, Labradorite, Rose Quartz & Prehnite.

Each pendant is crafted for the stone it contains, making the necklace you own uniquely yours. Seen in the pictures is the Apotropaic in Labradorite & Rose Quartz🔹🔸

This handcrafted statement neckdrip was created for the Born collection, my very first collection of jewelry after an intense year of travel that found me living on the banks of river Ganga for seven months crafting jewels in a little village workshop.

I was deeply inspired by the river, the reflection of the moon in it, the mysticism of everything in Rishikesh, the magical powers of metals and a little bit of witchcraft. This collection emerged from those influences.

Bestsellers from the Born collection include the Athame Ring, Passional Choker, Palisade Choker & the very stackable Clairvoyance Rings.

Write to us and let's find the perfect gemstone to match your magic✨

Pre-order your neckdrip in silver and gold. Handcrafted, energized, and made especially for you 💟


Traditionally carved in wax, and then cast into Lead & Nickel Free Brass.

This piece is plated with 18K Gold / 92.5 Sterling Silver.

For customizations please contact us

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Care information

To keep the energy of the jewels glowing and flowing, please keep away from moisture; water, perfume, lotions, and other chemicals.

Store the pieces separately to avoid scratching the surface.

All our pieces come with a ziploc, and Batoki’s mystical potli for storage and longevity of plating.

Shipping and Returns

Our jewels are especially hand crafted for you. Please give us 3 weeks to make your talisman.

We ship across India, which takes around 3-5 business days to deliver.

We offer Free Shipping on all our jewels. 

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