Collection: The Born Collection

The debut collection embodies the spirit of Batoki. Brewing shiny potions of power and play, the new witch has awakened. Here she is seen bare, in the realm of her own magic. Her ritual: sacred, intentional, wonder-filled. Her spells: carve, craft, melt and solder. Turning wax into metallic ornaments, talismans; charged with energies to ease, to create, to shield. Come, indulge in some sorcery.
The Born Collection

She is, the creator. Her intuition, a product of evolution. Hers, is the nature to nurture. Inspired by the main elemental energies of the woman, Batoki’s second collection draws from her body. Depicting the power it holds in its physical, transcending into the metaphysical.

Yoni: The Creator; Bosom: The Nurturer; Eye: The Visionary 

All flesh. All blood. All emotion and memory. Making these the visual cues, Batoki latest collection gives you the power to speak loud, but softly.